Pettersson D500X

On the web, several stores now offer the D500X for 1699 pounds, which is only 1822 euros with the present exchange rate. Long delivery time though.

Lars Pettersson is moving ahead; after having produced the Rolls Royce of the bat detectors (D1000) he will soon be launching the D500X time expansion detector. The D500X is unlike conventional bat detectors that have a loudspeaker and heterodying option to enable the user to walk around with it to search for bats actively. This new detector has none of the two. It is an autonomous system that you are supposed to leave behind in the forest to pick it up two weeks later, with its memory full of recorded bats you can analyse back at home. Its intended purpose is therefore the same as that of the Batcorder by Ecoobs. The concept of monitoring detectors opens up new research and survey possibilities that would normally require enormous manpower and therefore lots of money.
Here you can learn more about the D500X. The text explains that you can put 4 flash cards into the unit on which the bat calls are automatically stored. The sampling frequency of 500 kHz is a good point of course. I am unfamiliar with the bat identification software. However, the fact that it stores recorded calls in .wav format is good news because this means one could analyse them by hand as well. I don't know about the possibility of using the D500X in the hand or from a car, ie how it deals with non-bat noises. In Europe, one could imagine its application in a field station, during camping / mistnetting trips, on heavily guarded sites or other occassions where a little bit of surveillance is possible. If you have more information on this detector, please let us know so we can share it here.

Last updated 14.10.2009