Batbox Griffin

Batbox Griffin now available

It has been a long wait, but Batbox Ltd have now finished the Batbox Griffin. On their website you can already see what the detector looks like. It uses a compact flash card to store your recordings which saves you the trouble of buying and carrying an extra recorder. It also has the options of heterodying and frequency division (10 and 16 division rates) so you can use the detector to actively search bats and press the button when you hear one coming. David King proudly revealed the technical specifications of his new box: A sampling frequency of 705.6 kHz and 16 bits. The soundfile is slowed down 16 times and stored as a 44.1kHz wav file. Microphone frequency sensitivity ranges from 16-190kHz. It is possible to use CF cards up to 32GB, which allows 94 minutes of storage time using 705.6kHz. Three files types can be written to the CF card - WAV, TXT (time,date, light, temp) and XML for future software updates etc.
You can download a pdf file with instructions and specifications here. The detector also has an adjustable threshold level and, like the stand-alone detectors (Batcorder / SM2) it can be programmed to be active during specific periods. Its current price is 1495 pounds, which is about 1750 euros or 2410 US dollars.
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Last updated 26.2.2011